Do What Works to Live in Alignment with Your Highest Destiny.


Certified Life Coach, Wellness Teacher, Prophetic Healing Practitioner

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What Works for Life Coaching


The best most effective life coaching begins with an exploration into one's true self to discover the unique purpose of the individual. From that  foundation, one finds that goals are not far from reach and the energy to achieve those goals comes as a natural extension of living on purpose. Certified in the Rapid Coaching Academy method, I help you discover untapped resources within to gain clarity, create a strategic action plan, take specific actions and finally see the results in your life, business, relationships and health.

What Works for Weight Loss


As I trained clients in Pilates, yoga and fitness training through my business of What Works Fitness, I found that clients often sought me out for weight loss coaching and healing. Often unresolved emotions are at the root of overeating habits. Now I concentrate on helping clients move through those emotions and discover the gifts that are underneath them so they can create the lifestyle and identity of a healthy, fit and slim person. 

What Works for Healing


It is said we are spiritual beings having a human experience. But that is hard to remember or even remotely experience when we are locked into mindless daily life routines that don't nourish the heart. Elissa offers ancient Prophetic healing., Harmonyum and and Raindrop technique with essential oils s to help open the heart and remove the veils that prevent us from experiencing ourselves as infinite beings destined for boundless joy even in the midst of difficulties.

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